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Solidarity Membership - Karl Marx Level

Solidarity Membership - Karl Marx Level

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"Workers of the world unite!"

We stand on the shoulders of giants!

As most people know, Karl Marx was the founder of what we now know as Marxism. It's hard to imagine anyone else successfully subsuming the best elements of German dialectical philosophy, British economics, and French socialism into the body of ideas we refer to as dialectical materialism and scientific socialism. Marx's theories brilliantly express the living, dynamic, ever-changing, contradictory processes of nature and society. Furthermore, Marxist theory concentrates the hard-won experience of the humanity's struggle for a better world into a concise set of ideas, a guide to action that points the way forward for the working class in its struggle for international socialism.

Karl Marx Level Solidarity Member benefits:

One-year subscription to Socialist Revolution and a free booklet of your choice. Just send us a note when you check out and we'll send you your free booklet! Thank you for your support!

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