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MarxistBooks.com is the webstore of WR Books. As part of building the International Marxist Tendency in the United States, their mission is to become the largest source of new and classic Marxist literature in North America, in order to help educate a new generation of revolutionary Marxists. So if you are looking for Marxist books or socialist books, and want to help change the world, this is the online store for you!

With a focus on books published by authors such as Alan Woods, Ted Grant, Rob Sewell, and others, we hope to help raise the political horizons of millions of workers and youth as they learn more about revolutionary socialism and Marxism. We are also continuously expanding our offerings of books from other publishers as well as apparel, buttons, pins, stickers, and more.

WR Books's staff are proud to be unionized members of the NewsGuild / CWA Local 37002.

Their mailing address is:

WR Books
250 44th Street #208
Brooklyn, NY  11232

If you like WR Books's products and agree with the ideas presented at MarxistBooks.com, please make a purchase or consider making a donation to help us expand the quality and quantity of our work If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Thanks for your support!

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Learn more about the International Marxist Tendency at SocialistRevolution.org and Marxist.com, and be sure to visit MarxistBooks.com.

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